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who is john giorno?

a map of the human soul?
an object of desire?
an imaginary friend?
a belief?
a daughter of curiosity?
a wall covered with words?
a second time summer?
a meal ticket?
a visceral vulgar thrill?
a time capsule about culture and counterculture?
a meditation on life and how to live it?
an occasional sunset reflected on the window?
a bowery boy?
a bright feathered angel roosting in branches?
a gay rights activist?
a glory morning?
a passion? a belief? a pastime?
a barbra streisand christmas album?
who is john giorno?
a small white sailboat on the bay?
an exploration of time, place and memory?
a bouquet of flowers?
a passage?
a story untold?
a spring rain over an orchard slope?
a long time-line’s trail behind every image, object, person, pet, vehicle and event?
a movement?
a tear? a kiss? a bliss?
a practitioner of the tibetan buddhism nyingma lineage?
a pair of ancient apricot trees?
a moving daylight?
a choice of images?
a wistful meditation on the world and its beauties, mysteries and injustice?
a hand made of air?
a sitting down by the window?
a breathing water?
a body language poet?
a pause?
who is john giorno?
a radical faerie?
a celebration?
an arch of a bridge?
a slender elder with an upright posture?
a release of silence?
a rhythm?
a homemade bible?
a pebbled island?
a walt whitman dressed as gertrude stein dressed as dylan thomas?
a restless language?
a spiral progression of circles?
an italian american from roslyn heights?
a wild water adventure?
a hole in the roof of the pantheon?
a boy on a boat?
an inevitable sentiment?
a radio hanoi hippy?
a mirror set in the crotch of a tree?
a distant looking blue?
who is john giorno?
a collection of short stories?
a down the hill comes a poet with ginger hair and violets inside his hat?
a color of grace?
a swimming with lizards?
a let me tell you?
a long solitary walk?
a palm tree growing out of a crack in the rocks?
a manual for happiness and misery?
a ghost of lady liberty?
a blue rocking horse?
a tantra beast performer?
a feeling that we had hardly begun and we were already there?
a child’s rainbow with a house under it?
a great white whale leaping from the water and rolling into it again?
a dazzling mind?
a girl on a train?
an umbrella tree along the tiber?
a nothing is nothing is something?
a seclusion?
a friend? a muse? a lover?
who is john giorno?
a door in the mountain?
a great flat stump in the forest?
a cluster of honey?
a fifty-five years ago?
a walk under chestnut boughs and billowing lilac bushes?
a short season?
a right now?
a luxury of unknowing?
a chrome yellow song bird?
a how to pray the rosary?
an understanding of emptiness?
a walking side by side?
an awareness of life’s fragile mysteries?
a national purple?
a fleeting memory to which no date or place can be attached?
an old woman with a flock of geese?
a gate? a world? a vision?
a place to stay?
who is john giorno?

John Giorno and Ugo Rondinone, with painting <em>no. 262 dreiundzwanzigsterjanuarzweitausendundzwei</em> by Rondinone on wall behind. Photo: Peter Ross.
John Giorno and Ugo Rondinone, with painting no. 262 dreiundzwanzigsterjanuarzweitausendundzwei by Rondinone on wall behind. Photo: Peter Ross.


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