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Trista Baldwin

TRISTA BALDWIN is a playwright and co-founder of Workhaus Collective, which just wrapped up a decade of new work with its 25th production. Her own plays include Eye of the Lamb, American Sexy, Sand, Patty Red Pants and Chicks With Dicks: Bad Girls on Bikes Doing Bad Things.

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Deserving in Kansas: Catherine Trieschmann

Catherine Trieschmann offers New York a breath of fresh air from the red states, writing non-ironically from a small town in Kansas.

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Getting Graphic with finkle: U R ★

I call U R ★ a graphic novel musical for audiences of 3–6 people. But this is for lack of a better way to describe the experience. And that was not what I set out to do. To be quite honest, for a long time I didn’t know what I was doing.

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Sounding Like Qui Nguyen: Vietgone

Vietgone, the rom-com antidote to Miss Saigon about two Vietnamese refugees in Arkansas getting laid and finding love, is opening at Manhattan Theatre Club this month in co-production with South Coast Repertory.

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Laurel Haines and her Anxiety, soon on display at the Flea

I was a fan of the Flea Theater as an audience member, but I became a big fan after my recent experience there with my play American Sexy. A lot of American theaters are nervous about producing new work

In Conversation

Mark Armstrong on Directing, Producing & Love with Trista Baldwin

So there are a lot of theater companies in New York. It’s a question you have to ask yourself no matter where you are, but especially in NYC where there are so many small companies vying for an audience and for press: Why do this? Why do you have your own theater company?


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