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Thomáš Pospiszyl

TOMÁŠ POSPISZYL (b.1967) is a Czech critic, curator, and art historian. He studied at Charles University in Prague and at the Center for Curatorial Studies at Bard College in New York. He worked as a curator at The National Gallery in Prague (1997 - 2002), and was a research fellow at The Museum of Modern Art in New York (2000). He teaches Art History at the Academy of Fine Arts and Film and TV School in Prague.

Czech Republic

Where Art is Always Starting Anew
Czech Artists Between the Local and International Art Scene

One can find the Czech Republic, perhaps with some difficulty, in the middle of the European continent. One will have an even harder time finding it on a map of contemporary art. Czech artists do not form a strong and visible lobby.

Czech Republic

Criticism Continues to Lag Behind Art
Czech Artist Dominik Lang with Critic Tomáš Pospiszyl

After 1989, Czech art opened itself up to the world. Foreign curators and galleries have been hunting in the Czech art scene a little like archeologists—unearthing some artists while leaving others to rest in peace.


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