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Sheila Callaghan

Sheila Callaghan is a playwright living in Brooklyn. Several of her short pieces will be seen as part of UNCLE SAM'S SATIRIC SPECTACULAR at this year's Humana Festival, and DEAD CITY, her loose adaptation of Joyce's ULYSSES, will be read on April 4 as part of the Public's New Works Now series. Visit her at

In Dialogue

bad, clown, bad Jeffrey M. Jones and his nasty circus

Playwrights Sheila Callaghan and Jason Grote recently saw the Undermain Theater’s production of Jeffrey M. Jones’s play A Man’s Best Friend, and they discussed the play in Sheila’s Brooklyn kitchen.

In Dialogue

Divining Adam Szymkowicz

Adam Szymkowicz is home from work early on a Tuesday afternoon (he has an office job, like many of us). He’s taking vacation time to work on a new play.

The Five Sams Emerge from Samantha: Wicked Alchemy

So I’m in the middle of writing the climactic scene of my play Dead City. My main character, Samantha, after a very emotionally draining day-slash-lifetime. ...


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