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Naomi Lev

Naomi Lev is an art writer and curator based in Brooklyn, NY.

In Conversation

In Conversation with PETER LAMBORN WILSON

Prior to the opening reception of the writer/artist's new show at 1:1 gallery, (Vanishing Art & Hoodoo Metaphysics, September 23 – October 20) a group of students the Art Criticism and Writing M.F.A. program at the School of Visual Arts drove upstate to speak with Peter Lamborn Wilson.

Yaara Zach: Unreasonable Doubt

Being the daughter of a disabled Israeli Defense Force (IDF) veteran, injuries and prosthetics were a typical element of Israeli artist Yaara Zach’s landscape. She spent many of her childhood Saturdays with her family at Beit Halochem’s (“A Warrior’s Home”) swimming pool in Haifa, a sports-rehabilitation center for disabled IDF veterans and their families. There, she would swim in the recreational pool while prosthetic arms and legs rested on the edge.

Sari Carel: The Shape of Play

As a mother, Sari Carel spends long hours in playgrounds. The Shape of Play (2020), her recent public art installation situated at Waterfront Park in Boston’s North End, was inspired by moments of observing children play and listening to the sounds produced in various playgrounds.

Tamar Hirschfeld: Neuland

In 1902 Theodor Herzl, the founder of political Zionism, wrote an iconic novel titled Altneuland, also known as The Old New Land and Tel Aviv. This futuristic utopian story is about a young Viennese-Jewish intellectual who travels to Jaffa to find a land that has drastically transformed over the years: it is peaceful and well industrialized.

The Women Behind

If one were to choose one central theme of the show it would be silence and its more active partner, silencing.


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