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Michael Washburn

Michael Washburn is a Brooklyn-based writer and editor.

THE TEMPORARY LIFE: Thugs and the Law

The guy in the cubicle next to yours is part of your mental landscape. Over the past year, you’ve learned about his significant other, his tiger cats, his voyages.

The Envy of Nations

The sun was high over the cliffs to the east when the riders appeared. They came on so fast and furious that it was all the Confederate soldiers in Mesilla could do to rouse themselves, grab their weapons, and take up positions around the town in time to meet the attack.

The Hunting Party

Funny how the past answers the present. So Gordon Lowe thought when recalling the events of one November that threw his life into chaos. At the time, he found himself drawn to reassuring events and faces that he knew from hunting for so many years, loving the aroma of steaming coffee in the stark morning and the sounds from a 12-gauge shotgun as its owner loaded and cocked the weapon

Hearts, Minds, and Spirits

They didn’t even have an appointment. The three soldiers had the gall to walk into the Westfield Home for Seniors and demand to see the retired Colonel William Hall, U.S.M.C., right away.

The Convict’s Tale: A Sydney Chronicle Exclusive

On June 5, 2011, reporters from the Sydney Chronicle gained access to a written statement by David Heath, a felon incarcerated the previous summer. His narrative has made its way to the halls of parliament in Canberra, and is already the subject of heated debate.


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