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Micah Maidenberg

MICAH MAIDENBERG is a freelance writer who lives in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

Letter From New Orleans

At 6:00 am on Mardi Gras day, two bonesmen from the Northside Skull and Bones Gang, a masked Mardi Gras group with intentions to scare, met in the Treme, north of the French Quarter, with a drum corps to wake up the neighborhood.

CHAos Creates Change

In late May, a group of Chicago artists hijacked an advertising campaign sponsored by the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) to promote its Plan for Transformation, the nation’s largest program to redevelop (read: destroy) public housing. Using extra-legal means, the artists converted the housing authority’s “CHAnge” poster and advertising campaign to “CHAos.” The artists see their version of the PR as a more honest perspective.


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SEPT 2023

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