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Matthew Whitley

MATTHEW WHITLEY is a writer and poet whose work has appeared in publications and journals including Translit (St. Petersburg), Matter, Vanitas, Kunstverein NY, Gigantic Sequins, and The New Museum’s New City Reader. His writing has also been published in the exhibition and conference context, including the recent Artspace exhibition Vertical Reach: Political Violence & Militant Aesthetics and Yale’s “Red on Red” conference, as a part of their Utopia After Utopia research initiative. Politically, he is active within the committee Rojava Solidarity NYC, supporting the horizontalist revolution in “West Kurdistan.” He currently co-edits the radical artists’ imprint Cicada Press with Anastasiya Osipova.

We Are Not in Possession of Power; We Are in Possession of the Government:
The Long Goodbye of Social Democracy in Latin America

In the last year the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela has come to crisis, with its United Socialist Party (PSUV) on the brink of collapse; the Workers’ Party has been unseated in Brazil; and Evo Morales has lost his referendum bid to maintain his hold on the Bolivian presidency.


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