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Matthew Daddona

MATTHEW DADDONA is the editor of the Tottenville Review and a member of the improvisational spoken word group Flashpoint. His most recent writings have appeared in BOMBJoylandThe Southampton ReviewTuesday: An Art Project, and Forklift, Ohio.

In Conversation

LAUREN GROFF with Matthew Daddona

Lauren Groff, whose best-selling second novel, Arcadia, was released by Hyperion/Voice in March 2012 to unremitting praise, is a young author who certainly knows the value of a good story (and the modesty involved in admitting something is “good”).

The Status is Quo

Matthew Frazier’s *****Original Message***** doesn’t try to mystify, confuse, or control, and that’s a good thing in a world as ironically detached as ours.

Inscriptions for Headstones

Matthew Vollmer’s essay collection reads more like a group of experiments in form and narrative structure than one of essays


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