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Madeleine Baran

MADELEINE BARAN is a writer based in Brooklyn.

A 21st Century Union Campaign

At some jobs, employees are asked to give money to charities like the United Way and the Salvation Army. At Greg Butler’s job, the charity was the legal defense fund for indicted union executive Michael Forde.

A Brief History of The Masses

A revolutionary and not a reform magazine— a free magazine; frank, arrogant, impertinent, searching for the true causes; a magazine directed against rigidity and dogma wherever it is found; printing what is too naked or true for a moneymaking press; a magazine whose final policy is to do as it pleases and conciliate nobody, not even its readers— there is room for this publication in America. —John Reed, 1913

Keeping Alive the French and Indian War

Shaffer’s fort is much more than a glorified playhouse. It is an exact replica—right down to the type of wood and the thickness of the straw mattresses—of a French and Indian War-era fort.

Soft Skull’s New Faces

On a recent afternoon at 71 Bond Street in downtown Brooklyn, two dozen people crammed together to attend a poetry reading at Shortwave, the new bookstore and headquarters of Soft Skull Press.

The Writer’s Craft… of Making a Living

Patricia Geary never meant to be a science fiction writer. But when her editor at Bantam Books got into a personal dispute with the head of the department, she suddenly became one.


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