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Lynn Love

Lynn Love, who began her writing and editing career at the media arts monthly, Afterimage, writes about science, the arts and culture as a freelancer in New York City.

Taking the Long Way Home from Lebanon

“Relax people,” the Eddie Bauer-clad embassy official shouted through his bullhorn. “This is not the last day of evacuation. Everyone who wants to evacuate will have the chance to do so.” Our tiny family—me, my husband, Walid, our 7-year-old daughter, Petra—stood on the narrow Dbayeh bridge overpass about three kilometers north of Beirut.

Sam Easterson

A peculiar kind of evidence is offered up in Sam Easterson’s videos and photographs of birds—be they falcons or pheasants, turkeys or ducks—as well his videos of an astonishing range of other animals.

Paul Kolker

Flu season is upon us—even in Chelsea, where the exhibition H5n1 flu over the cuckoo’s nest at Atelier Paul Kolker pokes fun at our annual free-ranging, collective fear of avian influenza, the notorious, but not-yet-transmissible-among-humans, virus that could spark a global epidemic larger than that of 1918,

Ayreen Anastas and Rene Gabri

Many questions have more than one answer. Important questions often hang in rhetorical limbo, unsolvable by dint of their gravity. Both scenarios apply to the question posed by artist-activists Ayreen Anastas and Rene Gabri in their new project Camp Campaign: How can a camp like Guantanamo Bay exist in our time?


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