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Kyle Thomas Smith

Kyle Thomas Smith is the author of the novel, 85A. He lives in Brooklyn.

Uncle Sam Has No Clothes

"Those attempting to find a plot in it will be shot," declares Mark Twain with his opening words to The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Now the National Theater of the United States of America (NTUSA) throws down its own gauntlet, serving up a mutant piece of this same American pie in DUMBO with its latest collective theater piece: What’s That On My Head?

The Ladies of Liberty

On Inauguration Day, Dubya’s rabbit eyes are about to shift into their dopiest state of confusion yet when he sees Lila Rose Kaplan’s Ladies of Liberty stomping up to triangulate DuPont Circle in DC. Arm-in-arm with comedic escorts Billionaires for Bush, this bilious band of 19th century battleaxes plans to hammer its croquet mallets straight into the groin of the president’s administration as it makes its way up its batty belfry to sound the death knell for women’s reproductive rights.

LEMON ANDERSEN: From Public Enemy to Public Theater

If Eminem thinks he’s got anything to bitch about, he should check out Lemon Andersen’s County of Kings. Compared to Lemon’s childhood in the projects at 24th St/4th Ave in Sunset Park, Marshall Mathers lived an almost storybook life on 8 Mile.

The Neo-Futurists Land in Brooklyn

I was 16 and living with my 90-year-old Grampa in the Rogers Park area of Chicago, and my weekend curfew was set at midnight. Just to keep my nose extra clean, I’d come home at about 10; pretend to turn in when he did at about 10:30; and then sneak out our creaking basement door to hook back up with my friends by 11, giving us just enough time to hit one of our favorite late-night hangs, the Neo-Futurarium, by 11:30.

In Conversation

No Place Like Home: BROOKE BERMAN with Kyle Thomas Smith

Brooke Berman is back in town this week, getting a handle on all the changes afoot in her ever-mercurial life.


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