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Kate Crane

A writer based in Jersey City, Kate Crane is writing a memoir about her father's 1987 murder.

Remembering Brad Will

Everyone knew Brad, and pretty much everyone dug him. Tall, scruffy, a little stinky and a lot gorgeous, he hummed with infectious optimism; he radiated joy.

“Flourishes of Things You Love” Beirut’s Zach Condon

Sure, it’s 2:30 in the afternoon, but you’d be tired too: in the past week, Beirut has played five shows in the New York area, some with full orchestra. On Friday, the sixth, the band made its network television debut on Letterman. And this month marks the release of March of the Zapotec and Realpeople Holland, the follow–up to 2007’s chanson-inspired The Flying Club Cup.

Yam Sacs and Unicorn Sounds:

I wonder how many New Yorkers visit, or even know about, the roomful of unicorns in Fort Tryon Park.

Lightspeed Champion Between Conan O'Brien and the Sidewalk Café

“Whatever you do, don’t ask him about the hat,” she says. I’ve just met Jen, 22, and her husband Luke, 27, as we’re waiting for June’s Lightspeed Champion show to start at Maxwell’s in Hoboken. When I tell them I’ll be interviewing the band’s driving force, Dev Hynes, in a couple of days, Jen raises her eyebrows.

With One Eye Closed and One Ear Shut

In 1987 Kristin Hersh had a baby and a six-year-old band with three recordings.


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