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Jessica Caroline

JESSICA CAROLINE is a freelance writer based in Brooklyn. She holds a BA in Art Theory and English Literature. Her interests are in consciousness, cybernetics, and storytelling.

In Conversation

PAM GROSSMAN with Jessica Caroline

Witches emerged as a patriarchal construct; historically they are symbols of subjugated feminine power, the female body and, more recently, of patriarchal rebellion. So too does artificial intelligence emerge as a man-made invention, but one that also has the potential to transcend anthropocentric control.

In Conversation

CLAIRE COLEBROOK with Jessica Caroline

Claire Colebrook writes about visual culture, poetry, literary theory, queer theory and contemporary culture. The author of several books on the theory of Gilles Deleuze, including Deleuze: A Guide for the Perplexed (Continuum, 1997), she most recently completed two books for Open Humanities Press: The Death of the Posthuman and Sex After Life, and has co-authored (with Tom Cohen and J. Hillis Miller) Twilight of the Anthropocene Idols (Open Humanities Press, 2016).


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