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Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe

JEREMY GILBERT-ROLFE is a British-born painter, art critic, essayist, and professor at the Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, California.

Lecture for Chicago

Awkward x 2 was formed in 2010 by Rebecca Norton and Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe out of the desire to make works in which a painting isn’t finished until neither artist is sure who did what.

A Tribute to Michael Goldberg (1924—2008)

My mental snapshots of Michael Goldberg start circa 1968 on an Easthampton bay beach. It’s windy, early spring. Our party of daytime drinkers is crouched on the dunes, smoking Gauloises and pot. The one at the shore line pouring the Bloody Marys tells me Goldberg’s backstory: Back in the '50s, when he made his precocious reputation, he signed his paintings “Michael Stuart.”

Reinhardt and the Picture Plane

At some time in the ’80s I gave a lecture about American painting between the world wars at a space the Whitney Museum had on Wall Street, where they put on shows and had people come and give talks at lunchtime.


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