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Jeffrey Gustavson

Jeffrey Gustavson’s work has been published in Agni, Bomb, Epiphany, Fence, The Fiddlehead, Grand Street, The New Yorker, Ploughshares, and other magazines. His chapbook Apostrophes to an Osprey (Frolic Press), the fifth installment from a work in progress called Trance, was printed this past January; the sixth, So, Witch of Agnesi Guava Jinx the Y-Axis?, is due out soon.


“You’re here for the slippery elm, I expect,” the old woman said in a burst of cognition, not looking up from her tub because why should she look up from her tub and see only my wry, tentative face and not know, depraved of her tarns and vaunted in confusing patterns, a sleeper from a chokecherry moose?


The Brooklyn Rail

OCT 2023

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