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Doug Nufer

DOUG NUFER writes fiction and poetry based on formal constraints. His most recent book is Lifeline Rule. He will be reading at KGB at 7pm on Tuesday, 10/27/15, with Tom LaFarge.

Excerpt from Never Again

When the racetrack closed forever I had to get a job. Want ads made wonderlands, founding systems barely imagined.

The Dammed

In 2009, the odds that a major flood would hit the Green River valley of western Washington, inundating the city centers of Kent and Auburn and parts of Renton, Tukwila, and Pacific, along with thousands of acres of farms, industrial parks, factories, shopping malls, schools, and homes, were one in three, roughly equivalent to the frequency that favorites win at Emerald Downs.

The Ether Ride

Engaging gyroscopic calligraphy, you unkink kinetic coil logistics’ swinging gestures. Simulated determinations sway your reckoning.

from Poem Noir


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