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Dominic Umile

Dominic Umile lives, writes, and drinks in Greenpoint.

I Dub New York

Because I’m old and I prefer my living room above all else, I missed NYC’s Drew “Falty DL” Lustman when he headlined the monthly Turbotax party at Hugs in Williamsburg recently. Lustman produces jumbled, sonically riveting electronic music via computer software, keyboards, and a couple of turntables.


I didn’t know what to call Kode9’s work when I first heard it, but neither did the label that put it out.

Environmental Studies

I celebrated a minor triumph a few weeks ago when I restored disruption-free stereo playback at my apartment. Radio signal bleedover had been cutting into my personal turntable listening, but I stifled it with the help of a $16 preamp.

Life After Turntablism

A couple of years ago, two music-collective filmmakers invited a handful of like-minded electronic/experimental/hip-hop producers to participate in a rather tightly governed documentary film and record project.

Sun-Bleached Hand of the Man

Hansen has been making wordless electronic music for years, building each piece with organic accompaniment that’s often treated to make it sound both warm and worn.


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