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Diane Williams

Diane Williams's most recent book of fiction is Vicky Swanky is a Beauty. She is also the editor of the literary annual NOON.

Excerpts from a novel in progress

My Pudenda. A Stubborn Man. Poor Me! Lewdness Suggested. How the Sight Affects Me. A Ground-Floor Dulling Room.

5 Stories

The woman’s cushions are done up with bunger and with Chottie’s plaid and she has never been so flashily stretched out in front of herself and Mr. and Mrs. Godwin are at the door.

The Ancestor of Hearts

The fur coat she was wearing hung as heavy as a child on her shoulders, and she looked stunned, arrived somehow by taxi, livery cab? Fleeced? Mrs. DePour’s large alligator bag was open.

Stories by Diane Williams

Mrs. White at the Red Shop showed me the beady-eyed garment, but I can’t pay for it. I’m broke! I already own a gold ring and a gold-filled wristwatch and I am very uncomfortable with these. My eyes sweep the garment and its charms.

MILO- A Conversation Between Christine Schutt and Diane Williams

Christine Schutt (CS): She was no taller than a small door. Her hair was entirely one color, no other shades. She was efficient in all the domestic arts, but all she could say in English at this point was: “Glad to meet you,” “Too bad about the weather,” and “No one does it better than a slam dunker”—whatever that meant. She knew no other words of English. All to the better, thought Milo.

Three Titles

The lady’s enemy said, “You have Margie and Margie wouldn’t do that. You’re so smart—I’m going to do everything you do. You have Margie. Is she making hot chocolate?”


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