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Deborah Everett

Art Celebrates Life: “Expect Art Auction” at Sean Kelley Gallery

There is a very old (and recently revived) proverb about the sharing of knowledge: the gift of food, it says, feeds the recipient for a day, but teaching him to grow his own is sustenance for a lifetime.

Ruth Miller

at Bowery Gallery January 29 – February 23, 2002 Distilled and serene, these gentle still-lifes present a wealth of observation through the artist’s engagement with kindred objects.

Cusp at A.I.R Gallery, Written and directed by Ruth Sergel

Authentic and deeply affecting, this poignant tale of passage illumines the throes of burgeoning adolescence.

<i>Cusp</i>, a film by Ruth Sergel <a Mary Dowdle. Design: Steve Tozzi" />

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