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David Prudhomme

DAVID PRUDHOMME was born in 1969 and lives in Bordeaux in France. Left handed, hairless and myopic, he is also a graduate of the Arts School of Angoulême. His books reflect a diversity of styles and subject matter from the Louvre museum to musketeers. He will launch Rebetiko, a comic about Greek music published by SelfMadeHero, at the Brooklyn Book Festival in September 2013.

A Connected People

David Prudhomme. french cartoonist. left handed. Hairless and myopic. Born in 1969. i have made comics about Louvre museum, prehistoric caves, rembetiko (greek music style), absurd end of the world, french singer Georges Brassens, family comedy, medieval farce comedy named Pathelin, musketeers. Each time i change my drawing style to be in tune with the subject.


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