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Colleen Asper

COLLEEN ASPER is an artist. Recent exhibitions include a solo show at On Stellar Rays, New York, NY (2016); the debut of a work with Marika Kandelaki as part of the New Commissions Program at Art in General in New York, NY (2016); a two-person show at K., New York, NY (2015); and group exhibitions at P!, New York, NY (2015); The Drawing Center, New York, NY (2015); Queens Museum, Queens, NY (2015); The Noyes Museum of Art of Stockton College, Oceanville, NJ (2015); and Anahita Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran (2015). Her work has received numerous reviews by publications that include Artforum, the New York Times, and the New Yorker and she has contributed writing to publications that include Art in America, Lacanian Ink, and Paper Monument.

In Conversation

David Shankbone with Colleen Asper

David Shankbone is a Wikipedia editor, Wikimedia Commons photographer, and an accredited reporter for Wikinews. The subjects of his interviews have ranged from the President of Israel and Nobel Peace Prize recipient Shimon Peres, to the owners of an S&M dungeon. He has also worked with a wide range of authors, photographing the like of Jonathan Safran Foer and Mary Gaitskill, and interviewing Augusten Burroughs, Edmund White, and many others.

In Conversation

Judith Donath with Colleen Asper

As editors, marketers, and writers look to the web for revised models of social interaction between readers and writers, how might this change the book market?

“Judd’s Answer”

Judd begins by stripping his subject of any distinction—the square won’t be upheld for its purity of form or its democratizing evenhandedness here. He continues with a series of negations and what returns, once content is shaken off form like so much dust, is utility and difference.


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