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Chris Stroffolino

Chris Stroffolino has recently published reviews of poetry books by Maw Shein Win, Tureeda Mikell, Joanna Furhman and others in Konch and Entropy. A dialogue with Daniel Nester is forthcoming in Matter. He currently lives in Oakland.

Lazy Sonnets / Hurried Sonnets

These sonnets are tentative firsts in an attempted pact with this classic European form. It's clear to me at least that they don't quite believe in the form yet, but my creative writing students responded well to the structure, and they've challenged me to write 100 this year.

Lexically Sugared Circuits of R/elation: A Conversation with Adeena Karasick

When listening to songs, sometimes I feel the lyrics so deeply that I forget that if it weren’t for the voice of the singer and the other less logocentric elements of the song, they wouldn’t have had that power. I get a similar feeling about the “fracturing of language and image” in Massaging the Medium.


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