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Celluloid Liberation Front

Celluloid Liberation Front is a multi-use(r) name whose writing is visible to the naked eye from outer space. For reasons that remain unknown, the name was borrowed from a collective of anti-imperialist blind filmmakers from the Cayman Islands.

On Owen Hatherley’s The Chaplin Machine

As the devastating effects of neoliberalism are painfully incurred even by those (middle) classes once immune to the abuses of capital, the bygone world of applied Marxism is seeing a resurgence; consequently, its nuances have started to slowly emerge.

YEAR ZERO: 2017 Pingyao Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon International Film Festival

Unlike consumer democracies, authoritarian states do not afford their citizens the illusion of freedom. Everything occurring under their tutelage reflect, to varying degrees, their political intentions, limitations and concessions.

Under the Paving Stones, the Sewers! “For Another ’68” at Cinéma du Réel

As inexorable as the executioner’s axe comes the 50th anniversary of ’68, the most innocuous of “revolutionary” commemorations, which Cinéma du Réel wisely decided to celebrate against the grain.

Il Cinema Ritrovato 2018: The Timeliness of the Past

Never intended to be a mere celebration of movies from the past, the 32nd edition of Il Cinema Ritrovato in Bologna dispensed with any residual rhetoric about the supposed glory of what cinema used to be in favor of engaging with the present.

In the Rotterdam of the Senses: International Film Festival Rotterdam 2019

Now in its 48th edition, the International Film Festival Rotterdam has become something of an overwhelming experience, with hundreds of titles being shown over the week and a half that it takes place.

Il Cinema Ritrovato: Forward into the Past

Considering Venice’s dwindling reputation, Bologna’s Il Cinema Ritrovato may well soon become Italy’s flagship film festival, if it hasn’t yet already.

Boris Arvatov's Art & Production

Boris Arvatov’s Art & Production forged a path for the Productionist avant-garde in Russia when first published in 1926, and before its author fell out of favor with the Stalinist regime.


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