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Brandon Brown

Brandon Brown’s most recent books are Work (Atelos) and The Four Seasons (Wonder). He lives in El Cerrito, California.

Six from Lunch Poems

Brandon Brown wrote Camels! in 2008 and TAXT press published it.

High as a Georgia Pine

Brandon Brown's most recent book is Top 40 (Roof). He is a co-editor at Krupskaya books, helps organize the Hearts Desire reading series, and lives in Oakland.

from The Songs of Raimbaut D’Aurenga

Raimbaut D’Aurenga (1147–1173) was the lord of Orange. He wrote poems in the troubadour milieu, of which thirty nine remain. He was a well-known poet in his short life, celebrated by his friends and other troubadours, and lived a decadent life before dying in a pandemic in 1173.


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