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Aurin Squire

AURIN SQUIRE is a playwright and journalist in Brooklyn. He's completing his advanced studies in Buddhist philosophy, ethics, debate, and meditation at the Asian Classics Institute. He's a student of Buddhist nun Venerable Lobsang Chunzom. Squire serves as Executive Development Specialist for Ven. Chunzom's not-for-profit organization Limitless Health Institute, and focuses on designing new arts and community programs.

Take the Train

There is no other company in America like Freedom Train Productions. Bold and innovative, the theater group combines LGBT politics with queer black theater with a Brooklyn edge.

In Dialogue

FREQUENT FLIER: Kyoung Park Gets disOriented

I remember as a child being shown tunnels at the North/South Korean border through which North Korean people tried to escape to the South, and I thought to myself that those tunnels were the closest way to get home.

In Memory: Harold Pinter

Harold Pinter was an inspiration—if not a model—for many theater artists working today. What follows is just a small sample of the ways Pinter's work has influenced us all.

Rumble in Brooklyn: The Civilians’ Brooklyn at Eye Level

The fight over the Atlantic Yard Development is a battle for the heart and soul of Brooklyn. It is a part of the larger war being waged around the issues of gentrification vs. stagnation and progress vs. authenticity.

Be Like Lloyd

The image of Lloyd Richards preceded the man himself. Years before I met the famous director, his name was spoken the way one would speak of some sort of noble ghost. Through other people’s words and gestures, I started to get a picture of the man. Although I never had the chance to work with Mr. Richards, his very presence gave me several things to strive for as an artist and person.


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