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Amy Zimmer

Chinatown: The Last Frontier

The year is 2015, and the place is Chinatown. There’s a sleek, new pan-Asian cultural art center on Canal Street with a Japanese film retrospective in one hall and a Chinese opera in another.

The Brownsville Rec. Center— Where the Legends Return, and the Youngsters Learn

Shaquan and his two friends stand over six feet tall, so it’s little surprise they boast about being the dunk masters of the Brownsville Recreation Center (BRC) where they practice their high-flying basketball skills every day.

Health Care in Crisis: Home Health Aides Ready to Walk Out

When it comes to taking care of people who need help—small kids or people who are sick—that’s my life. I love it,” says Jennifer Clarke. Before moving to East Flatbush from Jamaica, Clarke asked her brother, already living here, to poke around for jobs in the medical field. He had a friend working as a home health aide, and Clarke (who will, for the record, only state that she “looks to be in her mid-30s”) has been a home health aide since coming here 13 years ago, and now works for All Metro Health Care.


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