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Ad Reinhardt

How to Look at Space

All through history a man's idea of what was "real" depended mainly on how he felt and what he thought about "space."

A Portend of the Artist as a Yhung Mandala

The Art World was recreated in 4 days in 4 sections, 40 years ago, and originally in 4004 B.C.

How Modern is the Museum of Modern Art?

American Abstract Artists protest leaflet, 1940. Courtesy the Ad Reinhardt Foundation.

How to Look at Things Through a Wine-Glass

A modern painter's worst enemy is the picture-maker who somehow creates in people the illusion that one need not know anything about art or art-history to understand it.

Cycles through the Chinese Lanscape

“Cycles Through The Chinese Landscape” ARTNews, NY Dec. 1954.

Art of Life of Art

How to get ahead and keep one's head above hot water in the art whirl.

Shape? Imagination? Light? Form? Object? Color? World?

Published in Prophetic Voices: Ideas and Words on Revolution. Ed. Ned O’Gorman (New York: Random House, 1969).

The Next Revolution in Art
(Art-as-Art Dogma, Part II)

The next revolution in art will be the same, old, one revolution.


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