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Abby Margulies

ABBY MARGULIES is a freelance writer who lives in Brooklyn.

Art of Theft

In the public eye, art theft is a glamorous crime. It is the stuff of movies and our conception of it is blurred by our cinematographic vision, one in which well-dressed gentlemen stroll into museums and devise complicated plans to steal the world’s treasures.

Searching for the “I” in History

In the fall of 1944, T.S. Eliot gave his presidential address to the Virgil Society in London, an event that J.M. Coetzee historicized in his essay “What is a Classic?” During the address, Eliot argued for an understanding of Western Europe as a single civilization descending from the Roman Empire, and purported his belief that its definitive classic must therefore be Virgil’s Aeneid.

Hope Amidst the Rubble

Inside the ancient gates of Jerusalem, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher sits tucked away among stone paths worn smooth by thousands of years of footsteps and towering walls that shade the city from the sweltering Middle Eastern sun.

Dershowitz at War: The Case Against Israel’s Enemies

In an attempt to rectify every factual wrong committed against the state of Israel, Alan Dershowitz has effectively argued himself into irrelevancy. The author of The Case For Israel has returned to battle for the Middle East with The Case Against Israel’s Enemies, a chapter by chapter response to Israel’s various ill-wishers.

Shades of Greying

What is middle age for, after all, if not living a life infused with the lessons of youth? A woodshed has many practicalities.

The Heart of the Matter

A few years ago, riding in a taxi with my boss, we fell into conversation about guilty pleasures. “Do you know what Abby’s is?” my coworker piped up. “Ann Patchett.” My boss looked surprised.

An Unmapped Life

A few years ago, as a college student studying abroad, I spent some time backpacking through Western Europe. I slept on a rooftop in Greece, climbed cliffs that loomed over sleepy fishing towns, and sped across international borders on overnight trains.


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