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Shola von Reinhold

Shola von Reinhold was born in Scotland in 1892. Following over a century's worth of disastrous auditions at the Bolshoi Ballet, they lowered their sights and went on to complete a Creative Writing MLitt at the University of Glasgow. In 2019 London-based independent Publisher Jacaranda's Books launched an initiative to publish 20 Black British Writers in one year which, in spite of the fanfare of various Big Five schemes and initiative was the first time this has been done by a British Publisher. Shola's debut novel LOTE, published in 2020, was one of these titles.

Black Carnelian Grotto

There was a video circulating of Sylvester which has been taken down now. Sylvester singing on a stage in an intensely coruscating gown. The dazzle was so extreme I lost my breath: Flares and scintillations looking like a chemical, alchemical reaction, and, of course, intimating light on water and caves, grottos both artificial and natural.


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