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Sean Madigan Hoen

Is a contributor to the Brooklyn Rail.

In Conversation

This Ever-Migrating Curse:
Hannah Lillith Assadi with Sean Madigan Hoen

You might call Hannah Lillith Assadi’s first novel, Sonora, a work of superstitious realism. Though the book’s events are grounded in reality and plausibility, its narrator, Ahlam, is a young woman of such elegiac, mystic perception that one comes away from her story as if awaking on a post-lysergic morning: memories feel slanted and opaque, scenes haunted and possibly dreamed.

In Conversation

KATHERINE FAW with Sean Madigan Hoen

Katherine and I have been friends for a little while. I met her at an ill-fated book sale where we were both stationed behind tables on which our recently published books were stacked, and no one was buying.


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