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Olivia Kate Cerrone

OLIVIA KATE CERRONE is the author of The Hunger Saint (Bordighera Press, 2017), a historical novella about the child miners of Italy. Her writing has appeared in The Huffington Post, The Rumpus, New South, War, Literature and the Arts, among other publications. She currently resides in Boston, MA where she is at work on a novel called DISPLACED

In Conversation

Giving Voice to What's Unsaid: FRED MARCHANT with Olivia Kate Cerrone

Fred Marchant’s powerful new collection Said Not Said, recently published by Graywolf Press, examines the necessities of life and survival in a world ravaged by war, violence, illness and political corruption.

In Conversation

BLAIR HURLEY with Olivia Kate Cerrone

The Devoted, Blair Hurley’s stunning literary debut, pushes the boundaries of the traditional coming-of-age novel, offering instead a haunting, provocative tale of self-discovery and transformation in the fallout of exploitation and devastating loss.

In Conversation

CARRIE LA SEUR in coversation with Olivia Kate Cerrone

Driven by a fierce social consciousness and deep compassion, the novels of Carrie La Seur offer a complex and nuanced view into the social fabric of the West, specifically the more rural communities of southern Montana. With a piercing clarity and rich lyrical style reminiscent of Willa Cather, La Seur’s fiction probes issues of family, identity and belonging in a time of uncertainty and fear.


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