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Leah Triplett Harrington

Leah Triplett Harrington is a curator, writer, and editor.

Se Yoon Park: Roots and Wings

Born in 1979, Park is of the generation of South Koreans who came of age amidst the country’s metamorphosis from an insular, agrarian society to an industrial powerhouse. Korean artists from this generation increasingly star in the global art world as international audiences seek to understand the past, present, and future of the divided peninsula. There are references to Korean culture in Park’s Roots and Wings, now on view at Carvalho Park, but more than a homogenization, it mediates heritage through a self-portrait drawn through aspirational dreams and the devotion of parents.

Lyle Ashton Harris: Our first and last love

Lyle Ashton Harris: Our first and last love presents thirty-five years of the artist’s work, which often veers into collage, installation, and performance in an exhibition that is as much a cumulative self-portrait as it is something of a mid-career retrospective.


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SEPT 2023

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