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Laura Hurtado

Laura Allred Hurtado is the Global Acquisitions Art Curator for the Church History Museum. She has published broadly including two books Immediate Present and Saints at Devil?s Gate released in 2017, and 2016 respectively. She has worked and/or curated exhibitions in New York City, San Francisco, and throughout Utah, at such places as San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Riverside Church, Nox Contemporary, Granary Art Center, Utah Museum of Fine Arts, CUAC Contemporary, Rio Gallery, Columbia University, and the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Preserves and Corrodes:
William Lamson's Mineralogy and Hydrologies Projects

This is not water to wade in, to bathe in, to swim in. Nor is it a water of floods, of shipwrecks, of melting glaciers. It’s an entropic water, a polluted water, a corrosive, and therefore, a political water.


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FEB 2023

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