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Juan Carlos Onetti

Born in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1909 Juan Carlos Onetti was a self-taught writer and a senior member of the “Generation ’45” a Uruguayan intellectual and literary movement. Onetti was awarded the Uruguay National Literature Prize in 1962, the William Faulkner Foundation Ibero-American Award in 1963, the Italian-Latin American Institute Prize in 1972, and the prestigious Premio Cervantes prize in 1980. Juan Carlos Onetti is the author of more than two dozen books and a handful of them have been translated into English including A Brief Life, The Shipyard, Body Snatcher, Let the Wind Speak, and Past Caring. Onetti died in exile in Spain in May of 1994.

Most Dreaded Hell

The first letter, the first photograph, was delivered to him at the newspaper between midnight and closing. He was banging on the typewriter, a little hungry, a little sick from coffee and tobacco, dedicated with familiar pleasure to the march of the sentence and the compliant appearance of words.

As Sad as She

Dear Assad:I understand that, in spite of our numerous and unspeakable bonds, the time has come to thank each other for the closeness of the last few months and say goodbye.


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