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Jonah Goldman Kay

Jonah Goldman Kay is a writer and editor based in New Orleans.

SHAMEL PITTS & ITAI ZWECKER with Jonah Goldman Kay

Jonah Goldman Kay speaks with choreographer Shamel Pitts and videographer Itai Zwecker about their new short film Lake of RED. The multi-disciplinary work is the first by arts collective TRIBE and marks the first installment of their RED series.

The Outwardness of Art: Selected Writings of Adrian Stokes

A new collection edited by Thomas Evans focuses on Stokes’s formative writing on outwardness and early essays and unpublished writings on ballet from the 1930s. Evans’s selection of writings, including several essays on popular culture, reveal the writer’s prescient genre-bending approach.

Frankie Alduino’s Vertical Village

When Westbeth Artists Housing opened in 1970, it was a radical model for communal living in a city that was increasingly unaffordable for most artists. The photobook is an attempt to celebrate this colorful community and a last-ditch effort at preserving this fading element of the city’s cultural heritage.

The Wayland Rudd Collection

This archive, which included propaganda posters, works of art, and other pieces of print culture, revealed a complex and at times incongruous approach to race. As Wayland Rudd, who the archive is named after, would learn, the Soviet Union was not the anti-racist idyll its propagandists portrayed.


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