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Jenny Wu

Jenny Wu is a writer and independent curator.

Carla Zaccagnini: Cuentos de Cuentas/Accounts of Accounting

The sculptures, installations, films, and videos in Cuentos de cuentas/Accounts of Accounting, Zaccagnini’s first solo show in the US, contain similar anecdotes that are at once purposely naïve and endearing.

Gego: Measuring Infinity

Despite the radicality of her practice in the context of twentieth-century modernism, Gego’s work has been largely overlooked in the US, an issue that the Guggenheim sought to redress in her first museum retrospective in New York. Building on a selection of nearly two-hundred sculptures, drawings, prints, textiles, and artist’s books, Gego: Measuring Infinity, curated by Geaninne Gutiérrez-Guimarães and Pablo León de la Barra, attempts to summarize a rich and varied oeuvre through a spiraling procession of geometric constellations in the museum’s vertiginous rotunda.

Visible: Text + Image

An anthology of six hybrid works that approaches translation as an act that occurs not only between languages but also between media and disciplines. Through this dual lens, fourteen contributors on four continents examine timely and thorny questions about the limitations of witness and testimony.

Mindy Seu’s Cyberfeminism Index

In March 2019, designer and researcher Mindy Seu tweeted, “I’m creating a cyberfeminist index,” and shared a link to a spreadsheet she hoped would become a site of collaboration. As the spreadsheet grew to nearly seven hundred rows—at a time when info-activism and open-access libraries proved crucial to consciousness-raising in the context of global exigencies like the pandemic and the Black Lives Matter protests—Seu used the data to create an easy-to-search website, In January 2023, Seu again repackaged the data as a book, Cyberfeminism Index, this time hacking the strictures of academia by challenging the perceived primacy of printed matter over identical open-source content.


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