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Jeff Gibbons

Jeff Gibbons is an artist based in London. His exhibition Volare, Cantare will be at the Temple of Clitunno from December 7, 2018 to January 31, 2019.

Badenheim 1939 and My Painting

The vaudeville-like impresario Dr. Pappenheim, is a rather weird and ever hopeful person, like a manifestation of the artist who, in order to be able to make work, has to remain positive despite all the signs that might suggest otherwise. I imagine him dressed in an outfit not unlike one of my alter ego characters Tom Bland; a straw boater, tie, flopping handkerchief in his top pocket, patent leather shoes, a cream suit, and his umbrella. In Ahron Appelfeld’s Badenheim 1939 there is a suggestion of a kind of collapsed performance which will never take place.


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