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Helena Haimes

Helena Haimes is a contributor to the Brooklyn Rail.

Ani Liu: Ecologies of Care

Ecologies of Care, Ani Liu’s current exhibition at Cuchifritos Gallery and Project Space, uses the language of technology and material culture to confront the all-encompassing, messy, pressured experience that is contemporary motherhood and thrust it front and center.

Jos de Gruyter and Harald Thys: Mondo Cane

An animatronic cast composed of craftspeople in traditional European peasant garb populate the pavilion’s central space, each imprisoned in their own shoddy, sinister loops of repeated activity.

Alina Tenser: A Particular Kind of Embrace

In A Particular Kind of Embrace, Alina Tenser manages to elevate language beyond its signifying register, and into the realm of the affective. Linguistic mistakes, stutters, and slippages are made, quite literally, concrete.

Jonathan Baldock: Grave Goods

In the hands of a less capable artist, it could all very easily become a blurry, art historical hodgepodge. However, thanks to Baldock’s deft sensitivity to vernacular histories of craft, folklore, theater and ritual, his technical prowess, and, crucially, his dark, infectious sense of humor, this heady mix of references becomes engaging rather than overbearing.


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