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Harry Mathews

HARRY MATHEWS (1913-2017) was born in New York. A founding editor of the literary journal Locus Solus, he wrote novels, poetry, short fiction, and essays, and he crafted many translations from the French, including Blue of Noon by Georges Bataille. His many books include Cigarettes, The Journalist, My Life in CIA, Singular Pleasures, The Way Home, and The Conversions. In addition, he was the first American member of the Oulipo. He passed away in 2017, and The Solitary Twin is his last novel.

Chapters 5 & 6 from
The Solitary Twin

Berenice had been sincere in saying she “had to go to bed,” but it was not, as one might expect, because of fatigue. When Andreas eventually followed her upstairs, he found her wide awake and eager to chat.


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