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Ernesto Pujol

Ernesto Pujol is a performance artist and social choreographer. He is the author of Sited Body, Public Visions: silence, stillness & walking as Performance Practice (McNally Jackson Books, NY), and Walking Art Practice, Reflections on Socially Engaged Paths (Triarchy Press, England).

The Cult of Creative Failure

A hurricane of entitlement flooded America long before the Trump era, perverting creative training and arts funding earlier than this stormy political season. American entitlement is so perverse that folks not only feel entitled to abundance, but to waste their abundance—from the misguided logic of buying more than they need to throwing away perfectly fine objects because not wanting them anymore is reason enough to chuck.

The Listeners

Listening to people and place has always been part of my practice. Nevertheless, the presidency of Donald Trump has heightened the need to listen to everyone in America. It has given me the urgency to give form to listening as an ongoing project called The Listeners, which had its world premiere during the summer of 2018 in Germany, another society experiencing the rise of the right. My performance was supported through a partnership between the City of Osnabrück’s Kunsthalle and its the Theater Osnabrück, in connection with the Labor Europa youth project funded by the Federal Government’s Commission for Culture.

Empire of Intimacy: Ishiguro’s Nobel

Kasuo Ishiguro, a Japanese-born British novelist, has been awarded the 2017 Nobel Prize in literature. By nature, I confess to not being a fan of celebrity or hero. I admire, study and respect ethical people of insight and daring achievement.

An Urgent Letter in Support of Artist Tania Bruguera in Cuba

Cuba is a pressure cooker about to explode. Sadly, a naïve North American leftist elite continues to think that this is due to the US embargo. And while the embargo certainly plays a part and must end immediately, the suffering of the Cuban people is ultimately caused by Cuban government corruption. We need to decolonize the American left, which needs to surrender to reality its fantasy of a socialist tropical paradise.


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