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Emmalea Russo

Emmalea Russo’s books of poetry are G, Wave Archive, and Confetti.

from Seizure Book

I must have felt that the body was a sheet of plain glass through which my soul looked straight and clear. I was concerned mostly with filling up my mind. I wanted it to get fattened with facts and stories, with literature, philosophy, history. I wanted to have an indexical knowledge of culture. I filled myself until the sheet of plain glass smashed and I saw my surroundings through cracks.

Entering the Glitch: EMMALEA RUSSO with Sarah Hicks

Emmalea Russo’s Wave Archive (Book*Hug) is a book about a quest for healing, security, and peace. Russo creates an artistic representation of epileptic seizures and draws upon a lifelong pursuit for self-knowledge. Russo shares her own experience with, what Owsei Temkin’s terms, “the falling sickness” in this autobiographical work. Throughout she uses a combination of poetry, essays, and artwork to illustrate an altered mental state.


Emmalea Russo’s books of poetry are G, Wave Archive, and Confetti.

Love Mountain

Emmalea Russo is the author of G (Futurepoem) and Wave Archive (Book*hug). She was a writer in residence at the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council and the 18th Street Arts Center (LA), and a visiting artist at the Art Academy of Cincinnati and Parsons School of Design. Recent writing has appeared in Artcritical, BOMB, The Brooklyn Rail, Cosmopolitan, Hyperallergic, and the Los Angeles Review of Books. Russo is a practicing astrologer and divides her time between Avon-by-the-Sea, NJ, and New York City.


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