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Eli Hill

ELI HILL is an artist and writer living in New York.

Tisa Bryant, Miranda Mellis, and Katie Aymar's The Encyclopedia Project, Volume III L-Z

The Encyclopedia Project Volume III L-Z is the latest and last volume in a series that seeks to create a new kind of encyclopedia by implementing a new kind of editorial process. The brainchild of Brown MFA alumni Tisa Bryant, Miranda Mellis, and Kate Schatz, The Encyclopedia Project began over a decade ago when each editor contributed a unique roster of potential authors. The editors offered each contributor a short list of words tailored to their interests, for which they could write one or more entries, and stipulated only that these entries range from one sentence to 4,000 words and address the question, “What occurs under the sign of fiction?” The result of this editorial process is three volumes of entries defined by experimental writing and artworks by authors—a web of artists, poets, novelists, and experimental writers—who represent various ages, races, sexualities, and gender backgrounds.

Katherine Bernhardt: Houses

Katherine Bernhardt is well-known for her neon colored paintings of everyday objects such as fruits, cigarettes, and electronics, made with spray-paint and watery acrylics.


The Brooklyn Rail

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