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Dillon Heyck

Dillon Heyck is a coder and writer based in New York City.

In Conversation

NI’JA WHITSON with Dillon Heyck

In the opening of Oba Qween Baba King Baba, Ni’Ja Whitson stands firm and grounded in front of their audience.

The Slowest Wave – Dancing for Data

A striking collaboration between neuroscientists and contemporary butoh dancers culminated in a moving assemblage—Japanese dance, EEG technology, databases, light, pregnancy, science writing, and emergency alarms remixed with house beats. Vangeline’s The Slowest Wave is a hybrid work featuring choreography inspired not only by deep psychological sensuousness but also material, electromagnetic properties of the body.

Bewitching Stagecraft and Competing Objects

When Jonathan González first emerges from the stage curtains, dragging an ominous, glowing spotlight, only his boots are illuminated. We do not immediately see González’s body, beyond his feet, but we can make out his figure periodically reaching into the light, expanding his stance, and genuflecting towards the spotlight in what looks like prayer.


The Brooklyn Rail

SEPT 2023

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