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Amina Henry

Amina Henry is a Brooklyn-based playwright and educator. Recent productions include New Light Theatre's production of The Great Novel at The Flea and The Johnsons at JACK. She is currently working on a new play called Hamlet is Dead with director Sarah Blush as a New George's 2019 Audrey Resident.

In Conversation

Sculpting the Particular:
AMINA HENRY with Joshua Young

Amina Henry writes plays that are big question marks. Plays that don’t have the answers but instead dig deep into the intricacies of human contradiction. She finds sustenance in the parts of humanity that are simultaneously vexing and enticing. There’s something valiant and audacious about the questions Amina asks in her work. And there’s something special about a playwright asking you to think something rather than telling you to think something.

In Dialogue

In Blue

Xia is an interdisciplinary artist—she writes, directs, paints, and even plays the piano! Also, she bakes. I spoke with Xia during a break from a rehearsal at which she’d baked a cake for the ensemble.


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