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Amelia Jones

Amelia Jones is Robert A. Day Professor at Roski School of Art & Design, USC. Recent publications include the catalogue Queer Communion: Ron Athey (2020), co-edited with Andy Campbell (accompanying a retrospective of Athey’s work, which she curated); and In Between Subjects: A Critical Genealogy of Queer Performance (2021). Her current work addresses the structural racism of the art world.

In Conversation

Joan Semmel with Amelia Jones

Joan Semmel’s work activates what painting can do to produce different ways of seeing, and thus different ways of thinking, that shift the position of certain bodies in the social sphere. I get the conversation started by asking Semmel some questions about her earliest work, her experience as an artist, and her turn to painting, before weaving in more complex questions about the relationship of her work to specific experiences she’s had in the world.


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