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Amara Abdal Figueroa

Amara Abdal Figueroa lives between Puerto Rico and Kuwait. She is an agroceramicist, artist, and environmental advocate. Amara’s practice is regenerative and intergenerational, focusing on our earth, how nature reflects culture, and how material extractions separate or connect us to our current ground by linking the effects of climate change, urgency, and an immense love for the land and innumerable cohabitants. Her work documents ways in which materials are sourced, transformed, used and reused, working mainly with, but not limited to, locally identified clay bodies. She currently studies the ground in Borikén to filter the island’s water, Tierrafiltra, continuing Ron Rivera’s legacy (Potters for Peace) in his island of origin. This research has been made possible thanks to the Materials-Based Research Grant from Center for Craft in collaboration with ISER Caribe, National Association of Latino Arts and Culture Fund for the Arts, and Art Matters Foundation.

We Can Clean Water with Our Earth

Agroceramicist Amara Abdal Figueroa writes on how locally sourced clay can be used to create natural water filtration systems.

Vamos a limpiar el agua con nuestra tierra

Tras los huracanes de 2017, la inseguridad del agua en Puerto Rico quedó ampliamente expuesta. Como isla abundante en arcilla y agua con un sistema eléctrico vulnerable, Tierrafiltra está abordando la calidad del agua de la isla mediante la producción de filtros de arcilla de origen local. El análisis de las masas de arcilla locales se lleva a cabo en paralelo a la construcción de una red de hornos alimentados con madera y gas.

¿Jácana, dónde estás?

Poemas de Amara Abdal Figueroa.


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