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Kevin Beasley’s A View of a Landscape

This monograph offers an expansive portrait of the artist’s practice through sound, performance, and sculpture, and displays how his personal and familial histories are used throughout his oeuvre. Filled with essays, photographs, poems, and more, the book amply displays Beasley’s varied artistic output from 2011 to 2020.

Tamar Ettun’s Texts from Lilit

The convergence of demon and deity is the basis of Tamar Ettun’s Texts from Lilit: 31 Cards to Connect to Your Inner Demon. The thirty-one cards share stories, advice, and pose questions such as: “Tonight, are you a trapped demon or a tethered divinity?”

Patrick D. Pagnano’s Empire Roller Disco

These photographs of a 1980s roller disco are a lesson in how to capture abandon. The photographs from this one ordinary and exemplary night in the winter of 1980 at a rink in Crown Heights are a time capsule of a community in communion.

Morgan Ashcom’s Open

Featured within are images from unprocessed film, exposed to light by Israeli security forces at a checkpoint. The book's design successfully connects material and content, embedding the metaphorical role of censorship into the work and into the reader’s experience of it.

Hannah Godfrey’s Critical Fictions

Discrete groupings of critical essays, poems, and stories “for” each artist rather than “about” them. Godfrey’s critical texts are imprints of her relationships with the artists and artworks that pepper the author’s fictions, evidence of exchange rather than pure exposition.


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