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In Conversation

Kyle Marshall with Candice Thompson

Pre-pandemic, Kyle Marshall was in artistic overdrive dancing and touring with Trisha Brown Dance Company while also directing and making work for his own company, Kyle Marshall Choreography. The early months of the pandemic offered him a chance to slow down.

Duet with Void

all I want is what you want moves like a fever dream through attachment, seduction, and ego death, commenting on the audience’s voyeuristic presence along the way. Lena Engelstein and Jo Warren stage a subtly campy and hilariously queer duet as an investigation into self-dissolution via transference, reflection, and refusal.

Jamar Roberts’s Balletic Foray

New York City Ballet placed Jamar Roberts’s premiere, Emanon – In Two Movements, on a program with works by Pam Tanowitz and Kyle Abraham. The context signifies the prominence that Roberts’s choreography has assumed of late, sharing the marquee with two dance makers who are deservedly busy with external commissions and their own stellar companies.


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APRIL 2022

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