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JUL-AUG 2022

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JUL-AUG 2022 Issue


SOUL MUSIC   (for Amelia)

I lay on a long invisible strip of dream
where my friends feed me music. I live for a while
as a tiny particle of a great stream
of my friends' music
my friend's intensely particular silk and sand way of bringing
worlds to light
they talk in a sound like singing, I live for that
lay in a long and dreamlike river announcing
that the song I see part of myself in, knows
we get laid to the music
and let it grow inside us


I swallow the sun        almost filmic

I swallow the sun      whole

there was too much lid    it was too    heavy / raised

by so much more than parents

when it gets to be too much

fall     through the floor

at the end of the word celestial             emptiness

will you become a star or a hole …

when I swallow the sun             nothing

gets warm or light inside me

(parenting so much more than you raise)

i can become consumed             with the object     of my fire …

I think I wanna be a hole amongst holes

multiple and simultaneous

she could feel another world pressing against this one

like a lover …

what does it take to leave             choked out

hot one

that bitch inside             pure unmitigated

peace … who scares me


Mel Elberg

Mel Elberg is a queer poet interested in the effects of writing on our experience of time.


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JUL-AUG 2022

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